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I Scream Cakes are truly beautiful from the inside out. Every delectable cake and velvety iscream is made from scratch with all natural flavors, organic eggs, milk, sugar and butter. Getting hungry? Read More...



Today is the day!

Go to  and suggest a name for our new vegan iscream–it is a coconut  milk iscream made with reduced bourbon, vanilla, spices, cherries and blueberries!!  If you can’t think of a name, then please vote for one that has already been suggested!  And come in and try this deliciousness!


Once again we’ve made up a new flavor that is a little crazy…and a little hard to name!!  Please come by the shop today or tomorrow and get a taste of this delicious new vegan creation!  The ingredients include coconut milk, reduced bourbon, vanilla, spices, cherries and blueberries…but none of those flavors really stand is a completely new and unique flavor, deserving of a unique name!  So, come in, get a taste–get a scoop to really get a “sense” of it–and suggest a name for it!  We will make a facebook post about it by Thursday, then facebook fans (are you a fan yet? click here to become one! will vote on their favorite name!  Winner will receive a free pint of this delicious schtuff!


Monster Making Day: SEPTEMBER 20, 3:00-5:00, at I SCREAM CAKES 2641 Cherokee StL  63118    314-932-5758   $5

Now accepting art supply donations! if you have any paper towel tubes, spare yarn, spare fabric, spare googly eyes, spare oatmeal(?!), spare anything that might make a good monster part, please consider donating it to our MONSTER MAKING day!! Please bring it by today or tomorrow BEFORE 3:00…we will not be accepting donations after tomorrow. THANK YOU!!

This Saturday, September 20th!

Saturday, September 20, 3:00-5:00 at I Scream Cakes…Monster making day!!  Bring $5 and your twisted imagination to make your own monster for our Annual Monster Art Show!!  Perfect for the kids!!

Annual Monster Art Show: October 7-November 10:

Opening Show: Thursday, October 9, 6:00-8:00pm.  Make a monster and let us display it for the month of October!!  We will post photos on facebook of all of this year’s entries.  Then facebook will vote on the winners!   Kids entries are especially encouraged and have their own separate category!  Winners (one kid and one adult) will receive a 4″ zombie or sugar skull I Scream Cake!!  Artwork  due at I Scream Cakes (2641 Cherokee StL 63118) by Sunday, October 5th, before 8:00.  Please include name, title, age, price (if for sale), and contact info with each piece.  Enter as many monsters as you like….any medium that you like….and what better way to get started than to come to our Monster Making Day, this Saturday! :)